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I am an illustrative blackwork tattoo artist, relying predominantly on lines, stippling and whip shading to build up the detail and depth in my pieces. As an illustrator and designer, I already had a style that I preferred to work in before undertaking my apprenticeship in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. I am competent in various styles but I am most at home with illustrative blackwork with the odd splash of accent colour here and there. I prefer to work within this specialism as I feel my absolute best work comes from subject matter I am passionate about (nature, science and the occult) and that allows me to get really stuck into details. I will take on select coverup projects and am happy to work on pieces ranging in size from  tiny to huge. I only tattoo my own artwork so if you have images from elsewhere that you would like tattooed, please be prepared for me to draw it up in my own style. I am passionate about my work and the same level of love and dedication goes into every piece, regardless of size. Come see me and let’s get magical!

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