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Holiday gift guide special

Christmas is just around the corner and with the country in lockdown part deux many of us are trying to get our gifts online while still supporting independent businesses.

So, read on for our suggestions for gifts for the tattoo enthusiast in your life.

  1. Limited edition art prints by Karl Cooper and Minh Viix art Not content with being awesome tattooists, Karl and Minh also make great prints. Karl's old school illustrations with a modern twist and Minh's perfect renditions of anime characters make great gifts to the art lover in your life.

  2. Tattoo fund savings money box by Mollie & Fred Let's face it, we're always saving up for our next tattoo. This money box will let your loved ones save those pennies in style.

  3. Japanese Tattoo cushion by Twentysevenpalms on Etsy A little something tattoo-themed for the home. Check out the rest of the this seller's store, there are some more cool tattoo fabrics available too.

  4. “You sock” socks from Attitude Clothing, Stance Wild and Free socks from Sorted Surf Shop It might be a little while before we're all wearing shorts and showing off our socks, but these tattoo-themed socks are so comfortable as well as looking good

  5. Butterluxe aftercare tattoo cream by Butterluxe There are plenty of great tattoo creams available but we are crazy about Butterluxe's bubblegum scented cream, it smells so good! (and covers fresh tattoos well without feeling greasy). It can be used as a moisturiser even after your tattoo is healed and as lip balm too! Made in the UK with all vegan ingredients.

  6. Gilt Moth Tattoo Gift Voucher If there's one thing tattoo lovers will definitely appreciate it's a contribution towards their next tattoo. Our GMT tattoo vouchers can be redeemed against tattoos from any of our artists, as well as other merch in our online shop. Just remember that the voucher doesn't guarantee an appointment on a particular date, but if you wish you can let us know when you purchase your voucher if you'd like to hold an appointment with a particular artist we will do our best to accommodate you - and of course the person receiving the gift voucher is welcome to change the appointment date if necessary.

  7. Incense burner by Dukanahq on Etsy These incense burners don't just look good, they smell great too! We're addicted and we're pretty sure anyone you give this to will be too.

  8. Tattoo face mask by Bad Monday We might all be hoping for a Covid-19 vaccine soon but it looks like we'll all be wearing face coverings for a while longer, so if you're going to wear a mask why not wear a cool mask?

  9. Gold and Silver Moth enamel pins by Gilt Moth Tattoo, Ace of Cups enamel pin by TeaCake art Is there ever such a thing as too many pins? We don't think so. They're a great way of putting a little individuality into a leather jacket, denim jacket or bag.

  10. Cooper tiger t-shirt by Karl Cooper, Comic girl t-shirt and Moth hoodie by Gilt Moth Tattoo Karl may have left the country to start a new life in the US but we still have his awesome pink tiger t-shirts available in our online store as well as Gilt Moth Tattoo t-shirts, hoodies, hats and beanies.

  11. Tattoo flash colouring book by Megamunden, at Who knows whether we might be back in lockdown again in the new year... but if we are what better way to keep practicing some tattoo-themed mindfulness during lockdown than with a tattoo flash colouring book. If you do buy books online then we highly recommend rather than Amazon - it's a new website that lets you choose your favourite independent bookshop and that bookshop will earn a share of the price you pay for the book. It's a great way to shop online while still supporting local businesses.

  12. Christmas baubles from Choosing Keeping Choosing Keeping is one of our favourite shops in London - it's where we buy lots of our art materials (they do an amazing range of paints, pencils and papers among other things) but every year they sell a fun and original range of Christmas decorations. This year we particularly love the bat, devil and skull ones, but if we had the money we'd cover our Christmas tree in their kooky decorations. While you're there, check out their beautiful wrapping papers - so many of them look like they could be used as tattoo reference!

  13. Original coloured-pencil drawings by Minh Tuan -Viix art- Anyone that follows Minh's art page will know he is a genius with a pencil, whether he's drawing anime characters or stunning realistic images of frogs or flowers. Grab an original - or get in touch with him directly and you might even be able to commission a custom piece from him in time for Christmas.

  14. Backpack and Slip-on shoes by Vans We tried to keep this list to just independent businesses, but we couldn't resist including these U-Color shoes and backpack from Vans - they come covered with tattoo designs in black lines on a white canvas and you can colour them in yourself in whatever colours you like. Sizes as low as UK 3 mean you can even get these for your little future tattoo lovers too!

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