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You must be 18 or older to get a tattoo. Our artists are able to tattoo in a variety of styles but as you'll see in our ARTISTS section of our website, each artist has their own preferred style and we'd always recommend choosing the tattooist whose style fits the design and style that you want. 


If you are planning to get a large tattoo you must wait at least two weeks between sessions, each session will need to be a minimum of 1 hour or a maximum of 6.

How old do i have to be?

You must be 18 years old or older if you want to get a tattoo. As with buying alcohol or cigarettes please don’t be offended if we ask to see your ID. And if you are lucky enough to look too young to be tattooed then please remember to bring ID to your appointment.

I'm pregnant, can I get tattooed?

No. If you are pregnant then we will refuse to tattoo you - getting tattooed whilst pregnant would be harmful to both your health and your baby's health. You'll just have to be patient and wait until you've had your baby before getting the tattoo you want.

I have a medical condition, can I get tattooed?

Please let us know when making your booking if you have any medical condition or are taking any medication that we need to be aware of - for example, heart problems, blood thinning medication, blood-borne infections (Hepatitis, HIV), psoriasis or eczema in the area you wish to be tattooed. In some cases we may ask you to seek your GP's advice and bring a doctor's note to your appointment so we know that getting tattooed is not going to be harmful to your health.

Preparing for your tattoo session:

Please make sure you have had a good meal before getting tattooed. Many people find that having something sweet to drink or snack on while you’re being tattooed helps. Please don’t drink or do drugs before coming to get tattooed. If you arrive for your appointment intoxicated then we will not tattoo you. It is illegal to tattoo someone who is intoxicated. There are no effective painkillers or topical anaesthetics that can help you out with the pain, so don't bother taking lots of ibuprofen because it doesn't really help, and don't worry, the pain is not as bad as you think!  

Cover-ups and re-works:

If you have an existing tattoo and want it covered or extended, it's best to send us a photo of it and we can let you know if we can help you out. Generally our artists don't like to continue other artists' work but are happy to do cover-ups. Sometimes we may advise that you get some laser removal treatment on tattoos if you want them covered, as very dark pieces are harder to cover and need to be faded before we can try a cover-up.



After you get tattooed keep the cling film on, before you go to bed take it off, wash the area and moisturise. You can put cling film on again for sleeping the first night (to avoid getting stuck to your bedsheets), and even for the next day, but don’t leave it on for too long as your skin needs to breath and some people tend to get a rash with long hours of cling film use. On the next morning remove the cling film and take a shower, it is completely normal to find plasma and ink that came out overnight, don't freak out! it's not fading.

Keep your tattoo clean and moisturise 3 times a day for 3 weeks, always wash your hands before washing your tattoo and putting the cream on, you can use Bepanthen or other aftercare products like After Ink or Hustle Butter. Avoid sunshine, swimming, jacuzzi, sauna and sun beds for the month after getting tattooed. A tattoo is still an open wound and can get infected easily if you don’t look after it properly. Avoid sports for a week, sweating excessively is not good either. Do not take hot baths (short showers are ok) - use a normal shower gel, do not exfoliate or scrub the area. Do not wear clothes that are too tight on the area (e.g. skinny jeans). A couple of days after getting tattooed your skin will get flakey and it will be itchy but don’t scratch or pick scabs if you get any as your tattoo can fade if you do. If you follow these simple rules your tattoo will heal nicely and smoothly and it's very likely you won't need a touch up but if you do we are happy to do it a month after your last session. Remember you should always use a good sunscreen to keep your tattoo nice and bright.

Do tattoos hurt?

This is THE most frequently asked question. Yes tattoos hurt. Some people find it very painful, others not so much, but most find it a bearable pain, and we have never met someone who didn’t think the pain was worth it once we’d finished. Your tattooist will take breaks so that you don’t have to sit through 6 hours of constant pain,  but if you know you have a low pain threshold then you might want to give careful consideration to whether or not a long session is right for you - especially if you’re thinking of getting a big piece.


Are tattoos permanent?

Yes. Although you can use laser technology to remove tattoos, it is much more expensive, painful and time-consuming than getting tattooed and is unlikely to completely remove a tattoo, especially certain colours like red.


How much does it cost?

Price is based on how long the tattoo takes to complete. The hourly rate is £150 per hour. We can give you an estimate of likely cost of the tattoo, but if you have a particular budget in mind let us know and we can design something in line with that budget. There is a minimum charge of £100.


Where are you based?

Gilt Moth Tattoo is in Greenwich (19 Greenwich South Street, London, UK. SE10 8NW). We are a short walk from Greenwich rail station (served by overground rail lines and the DLR Bank-Lewisham branch). Parking is very limited in Greenwich (as in most of London!) so we recommend you come by public transport if possible.


Do you do custom designs?

Yes - we love working with customers to make beautiful designs from their ideas. Most of our work is custom designed and we will always try to work with you to give you a unique tattoo.

Can you tattoo over scars?

You shouldn’t tattoo over a scar that is less than a year old. If a scar is more than a year old, then it's often fine to tattoo over it. The best thing to do is come in and see us and we can take a look at scars and let you know if we will be able to cover them.


Are you regulated?

Yes. We are regulated by the London Borough of Greenwich Health Department. You will find our license to tattoo displayed in our reception area. 


Do you charge for time spent drawing?

No. We draw designs free of charge and will only charge you for time spent tattooing (though we won’t start drawing your design until you’ve paid your deposit).


How can I make an appointment?

Send us an email through the contact section of this website - remember to include as much detail about your tattoo idea, including size, where on your body you want it, whether you want it in colour or black & grey, and any other information or images you want to include to give us a better idea of the kind of style you want. If you have a preference in terms of artist then let us know and we'll try to book you in. We try to respond to all emails within a week.


Are deposits refundable?

No - deposits are non-refundable, though we reserve the right to refund deposits at our discretion. If you're unable to make your appointment due to ill health then we can only refund deposits if you're able to provide a doctor's note. If you're having second thoughts about your tattoo and want to cancel then please let us know rather than not turning up. If you give us plenty of time to find someone else to take your appointment then we are much more likely to  consider refunding deposits.


All orders will be shipped by your preferred delivery method via Royalmail .

Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email.

Estimated delivery since dispatch: 1-2 working days for UK, 3-5 working days europe, 5-10 working days.

Any questions? Get in touch through our contact page

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